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Upcoming Annual Election Meeting

Dear WOWCA Homeowner:

Several days ago you were sent a letter that there would be an election for members for
the Architectural Control Committee (ACC), probably in mid-September. The Board and
the ACC have decided to hold the ACC election at the same time as the annual election
on November 16, 2017
. This should simplify the amount of paperwork and reduce the cost of a
separate ACC election. You should be receiving meeting information along with a ballot
in the next few weeks.

The new By-Laws recorded earlier this year have changed the way the board officers
are elected. The Homeowners will be selecting 8 people for the Board, but the officers,
President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, will be elected by the new Board
members at the first meeting after the election in November. This first meeting is
anticipated to be in December and will be a joint meeting with the Board members of
2017 to help with the transition.

The Board and the ACC have agreed to extend the time period for those interested in
the ACC to submit their name for the ballot in November. The original cut-off date was
August 4, 2017. The homeowners who submitted their names for the ACC in August will
NOT need to re-submit as they will be listed on the ballot from their submission at that
time. If you are interested in a Board or ACC position, please submit your name,
property address, and contact information by mailing to the WOWCA at the address
above, or by sending the same information to gro.a1656319350cwow@1656319350draob1656319350, or by giving the
information on a sheet of paper to one of the current board members who has agreed to
receive nominations or to Sean Towery who is on the ACC. Note that board members
must be owners of property in the WOWCA and haves their name listed on the deed for
the property. In order to complete the annual meeting and ballot information the
candidate information must be received by Oct 19, 2017 which is the date of the next
board meeting.

If you have any questions I can be contacted at gro.a1656319350cwow@1656319350tnedi1656319350serp1656319350 or at (832) 582-

Don Shackelford, President WOWCA