Resale Certificate

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Below you will find links to download the Required Attachments as noted on your Resale Certificate.


  1. Restrictions
  2. Rules (None)
  3. Bylaws
  4. Current Balance Sheet
  5. Current Operating Budget
  6. Certificate of Insurance for Common Areas
  7. Governmental Notices of Health or Housing Code Violations (None)

What is a Resale Certificate?

  • A Resale certificate is a document that is prepared by the Home Owners Association specific to a property within its boundaries. The certificate includes such information as outstanding debt owed to the Assoc., any pending lawsuit with the Assoc., any violation of the restrictions for the property, foreclosure information, budget and expenditures of the Assoc., as well as bylaws and restrictions.
  • Download a copy of a blank of the form.
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  • Resale Certificate: $200.00
  • Updated Certificate: $100.00
  • Additional Copies: $10.00 per copy

Note: Fees are effective as of March 3, 2011. After 180 day or if a party other than the original requesting party submits an updated request, the New resale certificate fee will apply. Please see delivery options for additional document delivery fees.

Original Certificate

  • Certificate may be requested either by the property’s owner, owner’s agent, or title insurance company or its agent acting on behalf of the owner. Within ten (10) days after a complete written request WITH PAYMENT is received, The Woods of Wimbledon Civic Assoc. will provide the certificate to only the party requesting the certificate.

Update of Certificate

  • Requests for an updated resale certificate must be made within 180 days of the date an original resale certificate is issued. The update request may be made only by the party requesting the original resale certificate. The Woods of Wimbledon Civic Assoc. will provide the updated certificate to the party requesting the original resale certificate not later than the seventh (7) days after a complete written request WITH PAYMENT is received.

Delivery Options

  • The default delivery option Mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested via The United States Postal Service’s.

Alternative options are

  • Facsimile (with evidenced by transmittal)**
  • Electronic Mail (with evidenced by transmittal)
  • USPS Express Mail Overnight certified mail, return receipt requested***

*Alternative delivery options must be specified in the written request with the address/fax number. **Facsimile, please add $5.00 with payment. ***Express Mail, please add $35.00 with payment.

Payment Options*:

  • Check or Money order mailed.

*written requests are not complete, until the preparation and delivery fee is paid in full.

Where is additional information found?

  • Disclosure of information by property owners’ associations found in the
    State of Texas Property Code, Chapter 207