Board of Directors / ACC

The Board of Directors consists of eight (8) elected members, four (4) of whom are officers. The annual board meeting is in November or December. Residents are notified by the Board of Directors via USPS mail of the date, time, and location of the annual meeting. The Board encourages residents to become active members of the community by attending monthly board meetings.

If you wish to contact any board member by email, please click on the link next to their name.

2023 Board

Patty DrautPresidentgro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069tnedi1674986069serp1674986069
Sally DurdinVice Presidentgro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069pv1674986069
Brandon ChambersTreasurergro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069rerus1674986069aert1674986069
Odilia MedlinSecretarygro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069yrate1674986069rces1674986069
Sherrie DanielsAt-Large Member
Walter EcholsAt-Large Member
Beth LoflandAt-Large Member
Graham SherlockAt-Large Member

ACC Members

Will Kelly-JonesMembergro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069cca1674986069
Steve CloughMember gro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069cca1674986069
Brad DeVaultMember gro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069cca1674986069
Ruben PerezMember gro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069cca1674986069
Michelle SmithMember gro.a1674986069cwow@1674986069cca1674986069



Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events.

Board Meetings

The Board meets monthly and you are invited to attend.

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