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October 2018 Board Meeting

The Board meeting will be held this Thursday (October 18th) at John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5830 Bermuda Dunes Drive, Room A106 at 7pm.

Agenda for the Board of Directors Meeting
October 18th 2018, 7PM

John Wesley United Methodist Church, 5830 Bermuda Dunes Drive, Room A106, Houston, TX 77069.

Agenda prepared by Graham Sherlock, President WOWCA Inc. *protected email* 832-582-1516

1. Call to Order at 7.00 PM.
2. Roll call and establishment of a quorum.
3. Welcome and introduction of visitors.
4. Secretary’s Report.
a. Presentation of September 2018 minutes.
5. Treasurer’s Report.
a. Monthly Financial Report. b. Finalize Proposed 2019 Budget.
c. New homeowners.
6. President’s Report.
a. Complaints and enquiries.
b. Summary of candidates for election.
7. Entrance lighting
a. Update.
8. Website Sub-Committee.
a. Update.
9. Entrance Plantings
a. Update from Linda.
10. Deed restriction notification card subcommittee.
a. Update from Linda.
11. Architectural Control Committee.
a. Report from member(s) of the ACC.
12. Old Business.
a. Discussion of any previous agenda items not discussed above.
13. New Business.
a. Discussion of any new items that Board members may wish to raise.
14. Public Comment.
a. An invitation for homeowners to comment or raise issues with the Board.
15. Executive Session.
a. To meet in closed session to discuss legal and collections matters.
16. Adjournment at, or before, 9 pm.