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October 2014 Newsletter

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Dear Neighbors,
This year, the Civic Association will be holding the annual meeting in December, as we were pressed for time to wrap up some financial reviews and I wanted to make sure they were ready for presentation to you, the home owners. It will be held December 9th, 2014, at 7pm at the Champions Emergency Service District Fire House (12730 Champion Forest Drive, Houston, TX 77066).
This past year we have been working to update the bylaws of the Association. These are NOT the deed restrictions. The bylaws are the rules and operations which the Board is subject to follow. The State of Texas has put in place many laws which our own bylaws did not have, or are in direct opposition to. The Board must follow Texas law regardless of what is written in our bylaws. We are not required to ensure our bylaws match state law.
My main reasoning behind updating the bylaws was to simplify the job of the Board. I felt that volunteers were getting harder to come by perhaps because the jobs seem complicated and hard to follow. I want the community to be able to serve and understand what is required easily, without
A full description of the proposed changes with a proxy ballot will be sent to each homeowner with the annual meeting notice and proposed budget.
The majority of proposed changes to the bylaws are simply the minimum required by Texas Law. These are laws we are currently following now, despite it not being listed or listed incorrectly, in our bylaws. Examples include the Texas definition of a voting member, how votes are tabulated at meetings, Board office terms, notification requirements for meetings, and a few more. There are a few proposed changes that were based on suggestions from the Board, such changing the requirement to use Robert’s Rules of Order at regular meetings to just suggesting it, and changing the wording of a majority from “5” to “simple”. Each proposed change was discussed and decided upon with the best interest of the community at heart. What could we do to encourage volunteers? How can we make the process of serving simpler? As usual, the annual meeting notice that will be mailed to each homeowner will have the proposed budget and proxy ballots, along with the bylaw revision papers. Please take the time to read through
them and vote.
If anyone is interested in serving on the board, either as a director at large or an officer, please either send an email, or call, and we will put your name on the ballot to be mailed out. Nominations will also be taken on the floor at the annual meeting.
I look forward to seeing those who will come to the meeting.
Thank you,
Georgia Nisula
President, Woods of Wimbledon Civic Association
*protected email*
(832) 582-1516