Holiday Safety

Safe Shopping

  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Have car keys ready
  • Conceal or keep your personal belongings

Christmas Trees

  • Choose a moist, fresh tree and cut a 1”-2” diagonal slice off the bottom
  • Keep your tree watered daily
  • Don’t place the tree in a high traffic area
  • Remove tree from residence as soon as holiday season is over for recycle if available. DO NOT BURN the tree.
  • Never place a lit candle on or near a tree


  • Check for frayed wiring
  • Keep bulbs that get warm away from combustible materials
  • Don’t connect more than three sets of lights to an extension cord
  • Unplug lighting when away from home or asleep

Fire Places

  • Always use a screen
  • Ensure that your flue is open prior to igniting a fire and keep it open until extinguished
  • Only burn wood logs or gas logs
  • Follow safety precautions on Duraflame style logs
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