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HOA Policies on the Website

Dear Neighbors,

I wanted to bring to your attention important neighborhood policies that are posted on our website.  The policies can be found in the “Policies” folder under the “Online Records” tab at the top of our home page.

In 2011and 2012, the Texas State legislature mandated that HOA’s adopt certain policies.  The 2013 board adopted the required policies and they were recorded, as required in the county records in 2014.  The policies have now been posted on our website and cover the following topics:  roofing materials, solar energy devices, display of religious items, display of flags, rainwater recovery systems, records production and copying, document retention policy, and a payment plan policy.

Please take a few moments to read and become familiar with these policies.  As always, please contact the board with any questions or concerns you might have.


Michael George, President