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Happy New Years

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I Hope your New Year is filled with success, health, prosperity and happiness. Happy New Year!

Graham Sherlock
President, WOWCA

Also, just a reminder…

The policy for the Woods of Wimbledon Civic Association has been that the trash containers are to be put out no earlier than 6 PM the evening before the days for trash pickup which are currently Monday and Thursday. In order to keep the neighborhood looking as nice as possible, the trash containers should be removed from the pickup point and stored in an area which is not readily visible from the street as soon as possible after the trash is picked up. In the event that the trash containers cannot be removed in a timely period by the resident of the property from the pickup point following trash removal the trash container should not be put out until the next collection day or a neighbor should be located who would move the container back to the storage location.