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Architectural Review

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) operates under the authority of the “Woods of Wimbledon Reservations, Restrictions and Covenants” (Deed Restrictions) and is charged with maintaining the architectural integrity and harmony of our neighborhood. All additions, renovations, or alterations to existing structures (homes and garages) must be approved by the ACC prior to implementation. Major improvements, such as swimming pools, roof replacement, changes in exterior materials, changes in exterior colors, etc., are subject to approval. Refer to “ACC Adopted Guidelines” below for additional information.

Please contact a member of the ACC if you need additional information regarding minimum standards and guidelines related to improvements.


Complete the “Online Form (e-form)” below and submit to report a violation of the Deed Restrictions to the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of this form, the board members or a committee will investigate and, if found to be valid, an official complaint will be filed with the person(s) involved. Notification will be issued via USPS mail. The Board of Directors will work to resolve the issue amicably; however, if not successful, the board can take legal action as identified in the deed restrictions.

Report Deed Restriction Violation

Please use this form to report violation of Deed Restrictions (Reservations, Restrictions and Covenants) to the Board. Upon receipt of this form the Board member or a committee will investigate the complaint. If the complaint is found to be valid, the Board itself, based on its findings, will fill a official complaint with the person(s) involved. The Boards official complaint at first will be mailed written letter to try to resolve the issue at hand. If the board is not successful it is up to the Board Members to take legal action, as identified in the Deed Restrictions.

Board or Committee:
This form is not intended for making a complaint, allegation, or statement against the Board of Directors, a board member, or a committee.

Enforcement of the deed restrictions is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Individuals, homeowners, land owners, or renters legally cannot enforce deed restrictions and attempting to do so could be in violation of criminal laws as well as civil laws.

Criminal Activity:
The Board of Directors can only enforce the deed restrictions as a civil matter. To report criminal matters (e.g., loose animals, loud music, illegal activities), contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. Additionally, please complete the “Online Form (e-form)” for these types of activities and submit to the Board to determine if civil action is necessary.

For the Board of Directors or a committee to investigate a complaint, validation as a member of Woods of Wimbledon is required by providing your name, address, telephone number, and email address. The board will make the official complaint to the person(s) involved and, thus, the complainant’s identity will remain confidential. If the complaint is against a board member or committee member, all Board of Directors will know the complainant’s identity. Complaints become part of the Civic Association records.

To follow-up a complaint or decision by the Board of Directors, please check the appropriate box on the “Online Form (e-form)” and allow time for the board to investigate. Please do not submit duplicate complaints. If you feel an additional complaint is warranted, please provide details or changes in the situation.

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