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Satellite Dishes, Solar Panels and Similar Devices

Satellite Dish

A satellite dish is not considered an “aerial, pole or other device” as defined in Paragraph 14 of the General Restrictions (Section III). Satellite dishes must be mounted at grade level and cannot exceed ten (10) feet at the highest point. Dishes must be located in the rear yard area; installations in the front or side yards are not acceptable. Reasonable effort shall be made to assure that the installation is not obtrusive to the adjacent property. The dish and other visible external components should be a dark brown or dark green colors are preferable. Multiple dish installations are prohibited.

Solar Panels

Solar panels shall not be mounted on the roof area facing the front of the lot. The preferred location is on the roof area in the rear of the house or garage. The installation should not be visible from the street if possible. The panels shall not exceed above the highest ridge of the roof. Visible components should be black, dark gray or similar dark color to blend with the roof color. Devices must be maintained in a neat manner without loose hoses, wires, etc.

Adopted Guidelines: