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2017 Maintenance Dues Invoices

Dear Neighbors,

We had 31 members represented (in attendance or by proxy) at last night’s special meeting.  The board and I thank you for your participation.

The revised operating budget was approved and the 2017 dues will remain at $500.

At the time of our annual meeting, we had just begun to address the cancellation notice that we had received from Republic Waste.  Post the annual meeting, we were able to identify a new trash service provider (Best Trash) with an initial rate that was lower than our current provider (Republic). And, at our board meeting last night, the contract and new provider were approved.  Our trash collection days will remain the same and additional information will be mailed to you along with your 2017 dues invoice/statement.

We expect that the dues statements will be mailed to you around the end of December and it should reach you during the first week of January.  I will keep you posted if there is any delay in this timetable.

The capital budget of $20,000 requested for common property/brick wall repairs was approved.

And, last but not least, the capital budget of $25,000 requested for landscaping improvements was also improved.  However, as we discussed last evening, the landscaping project is contingent upon the additional evaluation of the long-term repairs needed to our exterior walls and the board may defer or terminate this project.

At the appropriate time, the capital budget matters will appear on our board meeting agendas and/or a special meeting as the need dictates, so there should be a number of opportunities for updates, including neighborhood news emails.

The link below is a copy of the Final Budget for 2017 that was presented and approved by the members last evening:

If you are traveling over the holidays, be safe.

Have a Blessed holiday season and Christmas.


Mike George


P.S.  As with all HOA communications, the contents of this email is confidential and is only intended for the recipients of this email list.  This email should not be shared or posted on any other social media without the express approval of the board.